Make a Sentence by Rolling Dice – Vocabulary Game

Skills: Reading, Speaking, Listening

Level: Any

Supplies Needed: Dice with Vocab Words (Template here)

Pre-teach: Vocabulary words on Dice

Prepare before lesson: Create as many dice as you want. When I use them again, I will laminate them before I cut them out and put them together. That way I can

Dice ESL Activity

Dice for ESL Speaking Activity

write the words on them and erase and use them again. You could also print the dice with vocab words or pictures on them. You can also use Story Cubes (, but some of the pictures are hard to figure out, they also might not match your vocabulary.

Activity: Have students get in small groups and roll the dice. They need to make a sentence using the words they rolled. Make sure the words can be used together. It could be made into a competition by giving them points for a correct sentence.

An Example: I was teaching travel places and modes. So on one die I had train, plane, bus, boat, car and bike. On the other die I had famous places we were studying, Eiffel Tower, Great Wall, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Pyramids and Terra Cotta Warriors. If they rolled a bus and the Pyramids, they would make the sentence, “I am going to the Pyramids by bus.” I gave them the sentence structure, but in an advanced class you could let them make their own structures. In a beginner class maybe make an easier sentence.

The students enjoyed rolling the dice and laughed at sentences such as, “I am going to the Statue of Liberty by bus” (We are in China).

Any ideas on other ways to use dice? Comment below.